Joficats - Komfort Liegekissen „Six Secrets“

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A cozy place to lie down to sleep and dream.

This hand-made pillow offers your cat a premium place to sleep. One side was made from strong cotton canvas. The back is made of claw-friendly robust jute.

The pillow is lined again with a firm cotton fabric. The bed can be used on both sides.

The high-quality, natural filling consists of untreated fluffy kapok (also known as plant-based down) and catnip. (The catnip is in interchangeable small bags that are put into the pillow, so you can easily remove it and replace it if necessary).

A natural and unique place to sleep for cats of all ages.

With the addition of high-quality catnip, this pillow becomes a popular cuddle place where your cat can gently travel into the realm of dreams.

Care instructions:

Shake the cuddly pillow regularly and vacuum it regularly. so you can enjoy your very special cat furniture for a long time.

Info about Kapok:

Kapok is a very light and fluffy, natural material that is obtained from the fruits of the kapok tree. These hollow fibers are also called plant down because they are very airy and fluffy. Kapok is water-repellent, breathable and insulating.

House dust mites and moths should also be kept away in a natural way. Kapok is a very high quality and natural filling material. -

size: -

External dimensions: approx 70cm x 46cm

Outer material: 50% cotton 50% jute

Inner cover: 100% cotton

Filling: kapok and catnip


Manufacturer: Josefine Fine-Joficats

Treat yourself and your animal to a very special interior.