Joficats - Croci Crocodile - Cat play pillow with Catnip-handmade

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This game and cuddly pillow is tailored to the fine noses of cats and offers long-lasting fun.

It consists of sturdy organic cotton and is filled with natural wool from sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry, intensive organic catnip and valerian.

Ideal for tossing around, romping around, carrying around and cuddling.

Joficats products for cats are individual and unique. Each product is made by hand with love and is not an industrially manufactured mass product.

- suitable for independent play

- Outer material: 100% cotton - Filling: wool, catnip and valerian

- uncolored feathers - Size about 20 cm X 15 cm including feathers

- robust

- Manual work

- Manufacturer: Josefine Fine - Joficats

Product for cats Please only use it under supervision. Please remove damaged products immediately and replace them in order to avoid the risk of injury to your animal. Not suitable for children.

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