Joficats - Comfort Cat Sleeping Island - "Happy"

Joficats - Comfort Cat Sleeping Island - "Happy"

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Comfort cat sleeping island to feel good.

The sturdy jute lined with firm cotton makes our cat sleeping islands particularly insensitive and at the same time claw-friendly.

The high-quality filling made of organic spelled husk and pine wood adapts perfectly to the body of your cat and makes the furniture particularly comfortable and cozy.

Older cats also appreciate the adaptability of this noble filling.

The coldness of the ground is kept out by the filling and unevenness of the subsurface is compensated. The raised edge gives a feeling of security.

The high weight of approx. 2.5 kg makes the furniture comfortable, it always stays in its place and does not slip away.

The sleeping island is also suitable for large cats.

Care instructions: Shake the cat sleeping island regularly and vacuum it regularly. So you can enjoy your very special piece of furniture for a long time.

Joficats products for cats are individual.

Each product is made by hand with love and is not an industrially manufacturers mass product.

- size: - External dimensions: diameter approx 55cm - Inside dimensions: diameter approx 40cm

- Total height: approx. 20 cm (including the edge)

- Height of lying surface: approx. 15 cm

- Outer material: 100% jute

- Inner cover: 100% cotton

- Filling: organic spelled husks, stone pine

- Weight: approx. 2.5 kg - Manual work

- Manufacturer: Josefine Fine-Joficats

Treat yourself and your animal to a very special interior.